The region of Irpinia is most well known for the production of wine from the grape varieties of Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino, and Greco di Tufo and can boast three prestigious DOCGs. Below, you will find a sampling of the wineries we can help you discover. These cantines (wineries) have not only preserved vines and winemaking traditions that date back hundreds of years, but are bringing their own unique touches to these wines as the region begins to gain recognition in Italy, and around the world.

Cantine Antonio Caggiano

In 1990, Antonio Caggiano, the warm and engaging owner of this winery in Taurasi, decided to create his Azienda Agricola to bring to life the past traditions of winemaking in this incredible region, and also to open new doors for the future of winemaking. In fact, his 2010 Vigna Macchiato dei Goti (DOCG) won the 2015 wine Oscar for the best Italian red wine in the country. You'll love the underground antique fountains and Antonio’s handmade creations seen throughout the cantina almost as much as you'll enjoy his award-winning wines.
Cantine Antonio Caggiano
sorbo serpico

Feudi Di San Gregorio

This ultra-modern winery in Sorbo Serpico provides a change in the traditional architecture of Irpinia. Founded in 1990, it has quickly gained an impressive reputation for quality while preserving the  family-owned passion for local production that defines the area. Come for a tasting here to enjoy not only the zen-like setting among the Italian hills, but also to dine at the winery's restaurant, Michelin starred Marennà. 

La Cantina
di Enza

A fourth generation winemaker, Enza opened her cantina just two years ago after creating a cantina for her family's grapes. In this short time,  she is already  producing fantastic wines on her family's land. These natural wines are known for their great taste and the exceptional care that goes into production. In fact, the grapes are hand-pressed before fermentation. You won't want to miss tasting these wines only available locally.

Cantine di Marzo

This family-owned winery from 1647 has been in operation for over 400 years. Their wines are steeped in family history and traditions passed down through the generations. Located in the region named for one of Irpinia’s three DOCG wines, Greco di Tufo, they continue to produce fantastic wines from a cantina located in the town’s historic castle.
Cantine di Marzo

Azienda Agricola Fiorentino

Located in the small village of Paternopoli in the Taurasi region, this family-owned winery is a tie between past and present. Purchased on land with money made possible by their grandfather, Luigi, moving to Chelsea, Massachusetts in the early 1900s for work, they dedicated their first bottle to him by naming it Celsì. They have focused on creating a winery that is environmentally friendly while maintaining the traditions of the previous generations of winemakers in his family. The unique architecture and amazing views offered here are topped only by the taste of the wine and the warmth of the people. 
Fiorentino Vini
mirabella eclano


Considered a producer of some of the best wines in the region, this beautiful winery sits atop a hillside with stunning views in Mirabella Eclano. Luigi Moio is a professor of agricultural and wine making techniques at University and comes from a long-history of winemakers dating back over 300 years. Together with his wife Laura Di Marzio and their children, this family has turned Luigi’s dreams into a fantastic reality you won't want to miss.