Zembalo is a charming bed and breakfast offering guests an opportunity to stay in Irpinia that is uniquely available in Gesualdo. Raffaele oversees operations at Zembalo to ensure you will be welcomed with caffè and homemade torta as his special guest.

Your stay will include not only your room and a traditional Italian breakfast, but suggestions for a customized itinerary of unforgettable experiences across Irpinia.  These include not only wineries and restaurants, but also classes in pasta making, ceramics, painting, hiking, and sightseeing across the region.

At Zembalo, there is one Junior Suite, three Deluxe Double Rooms and two Superior Rooms available providing guests the comforts of home with none of the hassles.  

Special arrangements can also be made to accommodate guests with exclusive use of a private home by contacting us directly.
Junior Suite
Deluxe Double Rooms
Superior Rooms
Room prices subject to change based on number of occupants. All pricing includes breakfast.