A quick hour from Naples or the Amalfi Coast, Irpinia is an undiscovered gem of Southern Italy. In the middle of this region rests Gesualdo, a city steeped in arts, culture, and music -- where history, magic, and music come alive. The incredible story of Prince Carlo Gesualdo, who the town is named after, has influenced the village for hundreds of years. Built around the impressive castle that serves as the town’s anchor, Gesualdo is a glimpse into Italy's history. 


Irpinia is an enchanting area, a land known for preserving ancient traditions like dancing the Tarantella, and celebrating a heritage where legend says the locals decended from wolves. Surrounded by castles, flourishing vineyards, and locally produced products like truffles, olives, cheeses, celery, and broccoli, you will be immersed in a land that can only be described as magical.


Join a local pasta-making expert for a class in preparing and eating classic pasta dishes of Irpinia. Delight your friends back home with your creations learned from recipes and techniques that date back hundreds of years.


Historic tours

Explore the castles from the days when princes and kings ruled these lands and see the ruins of the historic abbeys and fortresses they built over the centuries. You can also experience medieval towns as they have existed for nearly a century. With a local expert to guide you, it will be a tour impossible to replicate elsewhere
bagnoli irpino

Truffle hunting

Join a local expert and his dog for a trek in the hills where you can learn the legends of the area and the creation of the land that produces these magical truffles. You will have the chance to find the perfect truffles for you to enjoy at a specially prepared meal just for you after your adventure in the hills!

Wine harvest

Come be a part of the harvest at a local winery where you can experience first hand what it takes to produce award winning wines of the highest quality. And of course reward your hard work with tastings and tours.

Olive harvest

Join local producers from some of the region’s best olive trees to join in the fun of the olive harvest. Enjoy tastings and great fun as you take part in a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Chestnut harvest

Available to guests in the month of October, you will have the chance to hike in the hills of Montella to pick chestnuts in a region famous around the world for their production. In fact, chestnuts were so highly prized in this region their was actually a law created to protect their cultivation in the 6th century! This is an experience that can only be had with locals who know the best locations. Don't miss the famous chestnut festival in Montella at the end of October.

Hiking & Skiing

In Laceno, you can have it all: hiking with gorgeous views surrounded by a lush green landscape or skiing these same slopes in the winter. But be on the lookout for the cows wandering the countryside as they freely roam and graze. A quick drive and you will be transported to an area perfect for the activity of your choosing.

Traditional Ceramics

Come enjoy a day making gorgeous traditional ceramics with local
expert Gaetano Branca and artist Stefania Saturino at their studio.
Learn the craft from the masters and enjoy a lunch prepared before
your eyes including fresh baked pizza from their pizza oven and
traditional dishes with ingredients direct from their farm.