Irpinia and Gesualdo
Irpinia is a beautiful but largely unknown region to many around the world, meaning it's practically free of tourists. The descendants of this area have a long history of deep-rooted traditions, unforgettable foods, and incredible wines.

Their rich history and pride in using only local ingredients and the strictest of agricultural standards leaves visitors amazed at the meals they're presented and the wines they drink. From the DOCG (di origine controllata garantita) vineyards in Taurasi to the tables of restaurants like La Pergola and Antica Trattoria Di Pietro, you will be amazed by all the region can offer.

It is impossible to leave without falling in love with all this region has to offer.

Gesualdo is known as the city of arts of culture in Irpinia. The village is famous for its Prince composer and his madrigals that are considered hundreds of years ahead of their time, but he is also as notorious for murdering his first wife and her lover upon finding them together in what can only be called a compromising position.

From Gesualdo, you will have access to numerous nearby villages, each full of charm and delight, providing unforgettable memories. You will eat in unbelievable restaurants not easily found in any travel guide, and taste wines from cantinas that produce varietals that have existed for hundreds of years to locals but are largely inaccessible to those living outside the region.


A native of Los Angeles, California, Sarah specialized in Public Affairs work in the United States for nearly 15 years. After joining family on a trip to Gesualdo in 2016, the village her great grandfather immigrated from in 1904, she knew she had found a magical place others would also fall in love with if they had the chance to experience the wine, food, people, and culture of the area.

In a move that seemed obviously simple, she moved to the area to help introduce people from around the world to this undiscovered region. Now, she's working with local experts to help facilitate authentic and unique experiences in Gesualdo and Irpinia.

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