The Authentic Irpinian Experience 
Wine, Food, and Culture
Explore the rich history of Irpinia and experience Southern Italy as few have before.

In a place where speaking the local Italian dialect is more common than speaking English,
you will see how time slows and local culture and tradition thrive as it has for thousands of years.

From tasting the best of the locally sourced food and wine, to learning how to make pasta from a local expert, you can explore it all.
Stay in Gesualdo
A quick hour from Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Gesualdo is a city steeped in arts, culture, and music -- where history, magic, and music come alive. The incredible story of Prince Carlo Gesualdo, who the town is named after, has influenced the village for hundreds of years. Built around the impressive castle that serves as the town’s anchor, Gesualdo is a glimpse into Italy's history.

In Gesualdo, you will stay in a bed and breakfast that will give you the authentic feel of life in Southern Italy. Owner Raffaele Pietropaolo (nicknamed,“the Mayor”) offers a warm and inviting environment and will ensure your stay is unforgettable. Breakfast is prepared by his mother, Lina, who will make you her famous tortas and crostatas from scratch, making you wish she lived in your town.
Explore Irpinia
Come experience authentic Italian wine, culture, and cuisine among hills steeped in rich history with people devoted to sharing the love they have for their land with you.

From Gesualdo, the door will open to an undiscovered world, where being a local resident is the only way to unlock the best of experiences. You'll have access to unforgettable experiences where you can explore award-winning wine, exceptional food, history, and culture.